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Posted Thu Dec 11th, 2008 1:08pm Post subject: Quite Interseting Phobia
Does anyone happen to know the term for an irrational fear of smoking pipes? A friend of mine is genuinely terrified of my pipe, whether it is lit or not, to the point of moving seats and being close to tears. I have been unable to find a term for this particular fear or anyone else who suffers from it. On the plus side I did find out that the fear of philosophy actually exists: philosophobia. I fonly I had know earlier I could have had the perfect excuse not to attend lectures.

If anyone knows the term or any other sufferers please let me know

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Posted Thu Dec 11th, 2008 7:48pm Post subject: Quite Interseting Phobia
Your friend could have a phobia of pipes, then again, the reaction could be caused by something she associates with pipes. I have a few to throw into the debate.

For example, a pipe when smoked causes a rather unpleasent smell, your friend could have Olfactophobia - a fear of odor. If the pipe smoke is particularly unpleasent to her then it is classed as Autodysomophobia.

This could be mixed with Carcinophobia - a fear of cancer.
Or Thanatophobia - Death.

Hope that helps.

Natalie: "Are you finished with your coffee cup Stephen?"
Stephen: "Yes Natalie darling I am, although it's not a coffee cup, it's a teacup..."

*5 minute debate later*

Result: The contents of the cup do not determine the name of the cup. The cup is a cup/mug whether it contains tea/coffee/ribena/hot chocolate or any other beverage.

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