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Posted Sat Nov 14th, 2009 9:17am Post subject: =( Rant

So I'm almost certainly going to fail at least one of my subjects this semester. Which sucks. I don't even like the course that I'm doing but everyone is telling me I should finish it anyway before trying something else. So I'll have to wait another year after the next one to repeat the horrible subjects which I've failed.

Oh, and I'm nearly 20 and still can't find a job. Nobody is interested in hiring a uni student without experience and without a car. =( And yet everyone seems to expect that if I'm not working, I'm a lazy useless waste of space.

Plus I don't even know what I really want to do. At all. Like, no clue. My hobbies outside of Uni - I'm not good enough at them to do them for a living. I still have exams to go but I feel too down to study for them anymore, though I know I have to try. Cause I couldn't bear failing everything, it would be the end. =(

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