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Posted Mon Jul 13th, 2009 5:48pm Post subject: Rant about cell phones
Since it's a rant, I don't think it goes under science & technology specifically...anyway...

There needs to be a law that prohibits phone makers from using any type smaller than 10pt. Yep, this would force bigger screens and some might not like that...BUT..I think we're going to have a whole new generation of people needing to seek vision care way too early...

Usually people don't start needing reading glasses till they're around 45 or something like that? OK, truth: Most of my friends are far below that age and more are mentioning needing to visit the eye doctor or wondering if they need glasses. And most attribute it to being normal and/or a result of family gene pools.

Eye strain is real and once some of that junk in your eye gets stretched out, it doesn't bounce back anymore. I have no science to offer you in order to back this outrageous statement up, nor any statements I make, but will trust you Google stuff for yourself vs just taking things at face value on any website.

But for gp alone, I really think there's something not quite right about tiny screens and tiny type size...which most of my cell phones have...and dont' toss in the iPhone here...i don't think the words on that are any better...ok, but even ICONS on most of the cell phones are too small and as a result, not always easy to suss their meaning out....when teenagers have a hard time of it....sorry, that's just wrong...

Really? Wow.

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Posted Mon Jul 13th, 2009 8:27pm Post subject: Rant about cell phones
I don't have a cell phone, but I agree with the tiny type size thing. I've used other people's phones and I have to hold them about four feet from my face to do so.

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