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Shirley A Mear


Posted Mon Mar 26th, 2012 3:05pm Post subject: Reaching out with the written/spoken word

Greetings! It is hard to speak of oneself by way of introduction, but speak I must - so here goes. Born in Dorset on the South Coast way back when Queen Elizabeth had just ascended the Throne (Elizabeth II that is, for even I do not go back to the original), I have just drawn a 40 year career in the Law to its conclusion to work instead as a self-publishing author. I have seen many people in many states of disquiet, distress and dispossession of their peace of mind and physical well-being. I have specialised in domestic violence, child care and crime - each field bringing a need to speak for those without a voice, particularly when issues of mental health were added to the equation but all having a great need for communication with empathy. I now write short stories for children to help in any way I can, to uphold with comfort and hope those families 'facing the veil'. I cannot begin to imagine how this must be but I do hope that the tales of a Cherub who believes that he can 'put the Cosmos right' whilst causing mayhem, might in some small measure bring an assurance of continuity with humour to circumstances of trial and endeavour. I hope that the stories will be published soon for they will each have a CD enabling the stories to reach out to child and adult alike. Visit my website at and thank you for listening in the hope that I can use my voice to help others as I would also like to read as a volunteer if possible


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