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Posted Mon Apr 16th, 2007 7:06pm Post subject: Real Policing Website & Petition
Dear Mr. Fry.

Good evening. My name is Johnno. Forgive the duplication in this message and the one I sent to your agent in London but I wanted to maximise my chances of coming to your attention. I am a former Detective Constable with Sussex Police. In February I wrote an article for the Sunday Express criticising the Home Office for their target driven detection policy which influences the policing methods of uniformed officers. My article also highlighted the extremely restrictive bureaucracy and red tape which prevents police officers from leaving the station and spending precious time policing the streets and preventing crime. My disclosures inevitably led to my resignation and subsequent suspension. What I would like to as of you is for your kind attention to a website and petition which has been created in order to campaign for more efficient polcing for an increasinly unprotected public and many disillusioned officers. Your support in signing the petition if you see fit would be invaluable. Please give the campaign and your support the most serious consideration. The address of the website itself is Many thanks to you in anticipation.

Johnno Hills.

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