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Posted Mon Mar 9th, 2009 4:50am Post subject: Recession and Downsizing
Joan, great quote! Very insightful.

I say, let the banks fail that just can't make it. Let them either be assumed by stronger banks or wave them good-bye.

Here in the states we are in the highest rate of unemployment in over 25 years.

All of it could've been saved had they only done what made sense. Divide the milions in bail out money to private citizens so they could use it to pay down their debts, spend into the economy buying goods, and putting savings in the bank. Anything they needed to they could do with 300 Grand.

Now I'm wondering when Sean Penn and Brad Pitt will step up as voices for the disaffected jobless citizens. this sort of social issue just not as sexy as a natural disaster? X-D

Really? Wow.

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