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Posted Tue May 12th, 2009 10:30pm Post subject: Retail Rant thread
Seemed like a good idea for a thread where shop managers, sales people, retailers of any description could come and share funny stories, vent their anger as an employee, and my favorite part be honest about customers instead of having to smile sweetly and be polite.

I am often told by the dross that is customers that shop workers have no sense of humour. I disagree and inadvertantley carried out a limited bit of research which points to the obvious.

Last easter weekend we were doing a fund raiser for child line and I of course decide to don a rabbit suit and go forth onto the highstreet. I founf that the general public (customers) were in general miserable and humourless. I was starting to get bored and thought I needed a bacon bageal. walked into the bakers and the assistant quick as a flash smiled and said " you'll be wanting some carrot cake"
this kind of banter was had in 4 bakers, 2 small supermarkets,5 fast food shops mentioning carrot and corrieander soup, and 2 jewelery stores again all with carrot or rabbit gags. It was refreshing to re-learn that despite retail being a pain in the ass the staff when engaged know what fun is, whereas the customers were or certainly appeared to be as miserable as usual

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