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Posted Fri Oct 28th, 2011 1:44pm Post subject: Rock Talk

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to our first installment of a new series here called "Rock Talk". We're pleased you could join us.
We have a special guest on tonite who will be taking the position of resident rock n roll historian and her name is Gash Gutterall.

Now, before I, Quint the Mighty Host begin asking you intrusive questions, why don't you share a little story about your love for musical history...

Gash:OK, sure. That'd be great. I'll tell you about a conversation I was having with my dear, close freind who came into town to stay with me.

And we sat up talking into the night and I just said,"Well, there are two kinds of rock n roll depressives in the world, and only two:

nick drake
black sabbath

and everyone under the age of 19 or older MUST choose, if for no other reason than to know which group of peers you can belong to and conform with...

so i said this to my best friend and he goes,"that's not true"
and i said,"yes it is."
and he said,"no, it's not, because you're forgetting about a lot of other bands in rock, past AND present, that are dark or dark and evil and depressing or you know, shit like that...and besides, Nick Drake was a folk singer, not a rocker"
and i said,"that's absurd because Nick played Blues too and blues is the foundation of most really great that leaves just the two."
and my lifelong buddy goes,"well, i think you should take him off anyway..."

so i reminded my dear friend that it is I, and not he, who has an online Masters in Music History and I, and not he, who has more cd's than he does....and he said cd's and degrees had nothing to do with taste or knowledge....

so i stabbed him.

Really? Wow.

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