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Pongo's Mum


Posted Fri Jan 11th, 2008 2:16am Post subject: S. Fry's excellent HIV Prog...I thought the prog was
brilliant, but i laughed out loud at SF's suprise at the amount of homophobia that is out there.
We live in a small village and our neighbours make our life hell. Of course they aren't stupid enough to say what the REAl problem is, but they did once, shout some really awful homophobic comments and i called the police straight away, who i have to say were brilliant.
Its really nasty. If we could afford to move we would.
I thought it very naive.

I thought that part was sad. Please comment. I'd like to know what folks think?

Since the law has changed, it has got better, but they still fire air rifles, complain to the local council about us, damage our cars etc. All of which, yes, i have logged, written to, etc etc.
Its a strange thing predjudice

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