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Posted Tue Oct 23rd, 2012 3:27pm Post subject: "Sadly Disheartened with Humankind"

My hope and enthusiasm for the human race seems to fade a little more as each day passes.

It's an abundance of selfish, arrogant people in their masses. They look out only for 'Number One'. Seems only copious amounts of cash puts a smile on their face; makes them euphoric, elated in every sense of the word. Yes it's sad.

Money is at the root of all evil - it's bad.

An upstanding, church-going, strong pillar of the community (not) hurt me only yesterday with some rather uncalled for and callous words. To me she was very rude.

Of course there are still some genuine souls out there too; so I guess maybe it's not all bad then, still some good?

They do their best to lend a listening ear, help out: you know, just like a good friend should. These people are few and far between though yet still worth their weight in gold.

Yet it almost feels like searching for a needle in a haystack, it's so hard to find.

(Big Sigh)

I'm sadly disheartened with humankind. (I am)

"This is me - don't try and change it..."

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Posted Sun Nov 4th, 2012 8:14am Post subject: "Sadly Disheartened with Humankind"

Yes there are still some genuine souls out there too. It does feel like sometimes there aren't many of us, but having found this site and forum I can clearly see I am not the only one inspired by Stephen.


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Posted Mon Dec 3rd, 2012 9:06pm Post subject: "Sadly Disheartened with Humankind"

Ah lending a listening ear. As babies, when we learn to talk, we also learn to listen. Somehow, many of us have forgotten that along the way. Naturally, I'm quiet, an observer, and a good listener. It makes me feel good to attempt to understand someone else's reality, and see things through a new perspective. It also gives me a great high to help others through listening to them- a great positive feedback loop... However, I almost always feel like I'm the one giving in my relationships. People don't listen to me in the way that I do them. I offer so much of myself, but get so little in return. It's disheartening and makes me feel alone. It makes me feel like I might never connect with people in the authentic, deep way that I want to.

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Posted Tue Jan 8th, 2013 11:02pm Post subject: "Sadly Disheartened with Humankind"

It is so important to have the ability to listen and from the listening to understand. I suppose it is listening that makes us understand other individuals more than anything else. What is said, inflected, repeated and even unsaid is the opening to the mind.
Larenne, it maybe unfortunate for you and fortunate for those who know you, that you have a listeners disposition.
As babies, it is from listening that we learn to talk. Too often, communication is replaced with transmission. Questions asked, are taken as suggestions, curiosity mistaken for insubordination. On forums such as these, because we cannot hear the tone of other members voices or see expression on their faces, simple statements can be taken as onslaught. As you said, it makes you feel good to see things from another perspective, a high from helping through listening. This may be your lot but I would see it as a gift. As parents, we must be all things to our children. It is difficult to let go of the authoritarian aspect of parenting and release our children to the world. Becoming the parent of a parent is a major leap. All we can do is listen and pitch in when asked..not when we would like.
To have a friend that truely listens is a blessing. They are people that you always look forward to seeing, probably because they know you as well as you know yourself. Unfortunately, they are few and far between.

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