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Posted Sun Jul 12th, 2009 4:49am Post subject: Same basket???
Hi, Stephen,

I enjoy your podcasts and also found aspects of the 'Language' podcast very entertaining.

I do have an issue, however: It seems that you are treating pedants like me, who prefer to see 'correct' English (including the correct placement of hyphens, apostrophes, etc.), particularly in 'official' written use, with people 'of stasis', who resist language development and the creation of new words (verbs from nouns, adoption of foreign expressions, etc.). These are two totally different groups!

It seems you grouped them together to suit your particular aim: to create a straw man in order to burn him down.

I enjoy the pleasure of reading good prose and poetry, preferably in their original language, and I also enjoy 'correct' English on government (not commercial) radio and TV stations (BBC, ABC). At the same time I find it irritating when hosts on such stations talk for example about things affecting "you and I/we". Are they not expected to set a high standard?

Now back to Chekhov ...

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