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Posted Fri May 3rd, 2013 10:09am Post subject: Say No To EU Seed Law

The final proposal for a New EU Seed Law has been released in last few days leaving little time for objections. This Law will ban all traditional vegetable varieties unless registered and licensed. Now it will be illegal to give that seed to your kids to grow when you give up gardening.

“These proposals would make it impossible to licence or to sell, cultivate or swap thousands of ancient and heritage varieties of seeds, a bank of genetic diversity that has been built up over many generations. Instead they would place seeds and cultivar-development irrevocably in the hands of a few multi-national companies. We would lose the knowledge, experience and diversity of our rich seed heritage in exchange for half-a-dozen bland varieties suited to agro-industrial production, and greater profits for multi-nationals.”

This is being voted into law on the 6th May 2013 so if you object to this your opinion needs to be voiced as soon as possible.

There is a lot more information and how to object on this site:

As this document is over 100 pages long it is highly likely that politicians and commissioners are only reading the 'executive summary', unfortunately in every case, in the 'executive summary' at the start of the law, there have been vaguely reassuring promises that it will only apply to farmers, there will be concession for old seed etc. But, according to the Real Seeds site, the actual legal articles of the document itself, the bits that will become written into EU law completely contradict this and it does not make the concessions they are claiming.

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