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Kit Ellis


Posted Fri Mar 23rd, 2007 10:15am Post subject: seretonin

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Posted Fri Mar 23rd, 2007 11:10am Post subject: seretonin
Was said "I hammer everyone I know this hard. Experience has taught me to do so."

Classic case of learnt behaviour - but hey whatever meets your needs to survive.

Dani I do applaud your resilience in your posts and i thought trolls were little bright-haired things you found on the ends of pencils in the 1970's.

It makes sense to me for you to try to understand better what's happening for you. Quite a lot of what you've written suggests to me 'life experience and developmental' stuff eg: "I used to (when I was quite little) think that everyone thought I was useless and that I did not deserve to be here. I thought ..."
"...when he said he heard not voices, but his voice telling him things.. I used to (when I was quite little) think that everyone thought I was useless and that I did not deserve to be here. I thought..."

An interesting writer is the psychologist Erik H Erikson who put forward in the '50's (just at the start of the 'troll period') the idea of 7 stages of development and each stage has to be accomplished satisfactorily or it drags on into the next. it's to do with our development of the concept of 'Self', it's interesting reading in general terms. (Erik H Erikson, Chidhood and Society, Chapter 7 'Eight Ages of Man'.1963 Penguin London) Before the days of ISBN cataloguing tho i expect its republished these days

'Hearing voices (yours or others)' can be connected to high levels of stress amongst a range of other reasons, its a defence mechanism - the brain is a wonderful thing!

The comment "Serotonin re-uptake is something which can be under or over active in mental illness but it is a symptom, not a disease." is perceptive and very relevant in considering what's going on.

Yeah, be curious, sleuth out what's going on, be careful with what you find, work on it with health people who share your goals, take it easy, be safe, stay safe, have a fantastic future


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Posted Fri Mar 23rd, 2007 12:44pm Post subject: seretonin
Hi Dani, I know you're not a troll.

Don't get bullied, okay. I hope things work out for you.

Kit. xx

You're way behind the times.

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