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Posted Tue Mar 25th, 2008 1:30pm Post subject: Single Spies!
I went to see this on the 15th [march] and it has reaffirmed my love for both Alan Bennett and Nigel Havers!
it was fantastic I have to say, my brain has had a thorough work out which is always good =P
Funny, clever, touching, intriguing, it's everything the reviews say and so much more tbh, I just loved every minute of it
Part of me wishes it had lasted longer, but part of me also thinks my brain would've just melted xD
Diana Quick was astonishingly good tbh, particularly as the Queen aka 'The Screaming Queen eh?' hehe
Nigel Havers 'drunkenly' singing the Eton Boating Song will be engraved on my memory forever I think =]
I stand by my belief that Alan Bennett is one of the finest playwrites the world has seen, an impressive claim you might think but the world is yet to prove me otherwise, there's plenty of time left, but I think Mr Bennett will be tough to beat =]
Definitely worth a trip out if it comes your way =]

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