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Posted Tue Jun 18th, 2013 8:21am Post subject: SLEEP

I wish I could sleep, just one dream to keep,
Awaken one day, to sleep I do pray.

A sigh and a yawn, wake brightly one morn,
Fatigue in my head, please sleep in my bed.

Spinning and turning, my brain spins around,
Thinking and yearning, of sleep deep and sound.

Eyes tired and red, relax in my bed,
My body and mind, needs sleep of some kind.

Quiet and dark, not a sound not a peep,
My world all around, is now soundly asleep.

Dark out my window, dark in my head,
Asleep now I should be, but thinking instead.

Thinking of troubles, that hardly exist,
Thinking of pillows, my head that once kissed.

Grey skies around me, darkness around,
Gloom that surrounds me, sleep must be found.

Sleep is the cure, for the troubles I’ve found,
My troubles will go, with sleep deep and sound

I wish I could sleep, I pray for some rest,
Awaken one morning, and feeling my best.

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