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diane tigue


Posted Fri Apr 4th, 2008 6:14pm Post subject: Snake's death
Hi banjo and all - a shocker is the mascot for Wichita State university in Wichita, Kansas. He is supposed to be a shock of wheat. Actually he looks like those old hygiene cartoons of Mr. Tooth decay. He has little bandy legs and scrawney fighting arms, all topped off with a menacing leer designed to strike fear in the hearts of rival sports team. They have good basketball teams, great baseball teams but no football. Twenty years ago (or more) the whole team was wiped out in a plane crash. There was some scandal involving payoffs to athletes in the football section and in the end the college decided football was more trouble than it was worth.

Sorry to be so longwinded- the mascot's name is WUShock (wooshock) and you are supposed to yell it like Alabama yells "roll tide" or an Auburn university person yells "war eagle". I could never do it. Just something about the little guy was off putting and vaguely shame making.

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Posted Fri Apr 4th, 2008 7:26pm Post subject: Snake's death
WUshock? haha! that's awesome! my stupid guess was it had something to do with lightning.

that's not a mascot that's overused!

have you seen Tulsa univ. golden hurricane named "huffy"? it confuses me. a)it looks like a tornado, and oklahoma doesn't have hurricanes, so what's with that? b)actually, it doesn't even look like a tornado. whatever it is, it has biceps!

my favorite though must be evergreen's geoduck. which i have posted on here enough to send everyone to the hospital with burned eyes, so you'll have to go look it up.

sorry for the tangents...

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Posted Fri Apr 4th, 2008 9:00pm Post subject: Snake's death

p.s. i'll take a corrective shot from a tornado over one from an earthquake any day. but that's subjective.

Earthquake over tornado any day........Earthquakes don't kill you, buildings do. Tornado's will kill you whether you are in a building or not......

?? nah. if they killed people every time, a lot of folks i know would be dead.

i've been in an earthquake and i don't know how you guys run while that's going on. it made me dizzy. plus, no one ever tells me how to take cover. they just go "uhhhhh..."

In a really big earthquake the only thing you can do is duck and cover, you will just fall down trying to walk. In anything under a 5.5 it isn't worth getting up, if you notice it at all. In that zone between 5.5 and 6.something you might be able to move to safer ground or not. And it is not like we have so many big one like you have tornadoes.


"I'm from New Jersey, if the world ended today, I'd adjust" - John Gorka

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Posted Sun Apr 6th, 2008 1:38am Post subject: Snake's death
that's far the us has had like 300+tornadoes this year. wtf.

ah... no walking then. i'll remember that. the only one i've felt was...i don't remember 7ish BUT it was really really deep and "rolling" whatever that means.

i guess what wierds me out about them is the lack of any warning. with tornadoes, i wake up and it just FEELS like that kind of day. then you've got weathermen and ridiculous fancy radar.

but you're right...there probably isn't much to worry about with earthquakes.

i'm also afraid of bees. can you believe that?

oh, and accidentally driving off a cliff. i have nightmares about it.

okay, i've totally stopped trying to talk about blackadder.

BAH. sticky buns....georgina. there you go.

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