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Posted Wed Jul 30th, 2008 4:40pm Post subject: Some of my poems
I've been writing on and off purely as a hobby for a few years now, I've been told(by friends and family) that i have talent, but they have to say that right?

Anyway is a few I'm fairly happy with

Blinded By Faith

At the dawn of man
He questioned his world
How did he come to be?
Mythology grew at a pace
Ritual becomes a method of control
Men of power use it to force their will

Blinded by faith
You justify the hate
Religion fuelling bloodshed
In a holy war
It’s God v God
But only man will lose

Huddled over scriptures
The holy man spreads the lies
In those sacred halls
Common sense fears to tread
People flock to hear the word
Leave your brain at the door

As science fills in the puzzle
Of how it all began
You fear you’ll lose your grip
When we have no need for God
So you brainwash your children
That to question faith is wrong

They mock the unbeliever
Portraying them as evil
They shun reasoned thought
For ancient superstition
Creating faith schools
To indoctrinate the young

I’m an enemy of God
Prime candidate for jihad
Won’t change my view
By fear or by force
Our culture has evolved
So why haven’t you?

Amore London

The place I call my home
Is a true leviathan
From its sprawling streets
And rumbling railways
A place like no other
Nowhere would I rather be

Yes its far prom perfection
Many a thing to be ashamed
But its charm can not be mastered
A true ruler of its kin
For within London
A true heart beats its pulse

It is more than its landmarks
More than bricks and mortar
Though its buildings give it fame
They are only half the story
Just a part of what elevates it
From mere metropolis to global hub

For it’s the people that dwell within
Taking it to new levels
The multiracial melting pot
Mixing old with new
To make something better
Unique in cultural hue

The fabric of the city
Is spun with the threads of many nations
From bhangra beat
To calypso drum
The city dances to the music
Of a hundred different tongues

Someone else’s problem

The planets in crisis though it’s hard to tell
People bury their heads and pretend it’s not real
The problem ignored can’t hurt us now
Until the matter is more pressing
The selfish look out for number one

They will keep their gas guzzlers
Only caring about themselves
They will keep creating rubbish
No thought to where it goes
Unaffected directly they continue unashamed

They pay no attention to the expert on TV
No credence given to those who know more than they
Denial is easy, no effort to be made
It won’t affect me anyway, the thought runs thought their mind
The next generation will have to pay for all of my crimes

The individual is guilty that of course is true
The governments also have no effort made
Vote winning rhetoric, resolutions for show
The changes needed too costly for some
We’ll pay the price later for their thoughtless ways

Fast forward twenty years or so
We will see a different scene
Oil reserves are all gone now
No more fuel for your car
No way to get you home

The man made barriers won’t hold the risen sea
The drought has dried the forest and starved the land
People on all continents fight to stay alive
Only now the selfish see the error of their ways
The planets on the brink of extinction and now you want to save

Worshiping a new God

Cast away your texts and scriptures
Burn the churches and the mosques
The Stock Market is your guide now
The corporations your saviour

Look up; Look up to the scrapers of the sky
Marvel at these bastions of commerce
These Idols of the capitalist dwarf the little guy
The modern priest’s who dwell within play with the fates of men

Teach the children to worship their possessions
The more they have the better
Remove the sense of guilt they feel
Remind them of this mantra
As long as I feel ok the world can go to hell

Need you not the care of another
Nor the shelter of a tree
You can pollute your seas and rivers now
For you all can worship me
What need is there of birds that fly and beasts that roam
As long as you have money

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