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Posted Thu Feb 21st, 2013 10:34pm Post subject: something to think about

I have depression on - off since i was a teen ( i am now 40). Having had cancer ten years ago of the testicle then it was a dark time after, no great details to share as i am sure most of you know what it involves.

I now run a charity that helps men with testicular cancer. Its got very big and its hard work and i have other survivors who help me and we are all unpaid who do it out of respect.

I got to know a chap called Nick O'hara Smith who had cancer in 1985 and ever since has made him self an expert on all things male hormones. His website is . when i was ill he talked to me at great length about the influence of estrogen on men and women and how since the 50's we have been bombarded with it in food , drink and the female pill. He advised me that most depression and disorders in the western world are due to a hormone imbalance in testosterone and over use of estrogen in ladies. With his help and info and talking to well known researchers and scientists i am also convinced. Testicular cancer in it's self is linked to low testo from birth. The have told me that there could be 6 million men alive today in the uk with low testo. which leads to depression, weight gain, teenage suicide and weight gain. ADHD. diabetes to name but a few . Its being looked at in Germany and large funding from there government. Why is it being hidden here? . If the pill has caused so much illness and cancer and people know it does then who would get sued?. I would recommend you read as much info about low testosterone in men as you can, what it causes and what it can do to us long term. Also the great PILL cover up, they say it helps protect women from cancers, wrong it helps protect them from cancers the very strong early pill caused to womens genetics which is why any protest against the pill is bashed down by these false claims.

Folks since i have been on testosterone therapy i have never looked back. lost weight, i am bright and yes feel complete. It is not large amount that athletes cheat with but small amounts in a gell which is being used by germany and the usa to help men with or with out cancer to feel better. I know this post is radical but just think about it

We are being to so much estrogen in the womb that our testicles are developed later . also look at the low sperm counts and fertility issues in the last 40 years. all linked and testosterone is NOT just about sex, body building , hard on's etc it is in fact in charge of your mental health, major organ health and basically everything that you need.

Philly Morris
founder of charity

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Posted Fri Feb 22nd, 2013 8:29am Post subject: something to think about

All excellent points Philly. Men's health is often ignored. Critical thinking and questioning is the only way forward. For too long people have blindly put their faith in Dr's and medications. Thalidomide, for instance.
Hopefully people will read your post, and begin to think/question for themselves. Male or Female.

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