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Posted Sat Apr 19th, 2008 7:48pm Post subject: Soo tired!
For the last...well, it's probably been about a month now, I've just felt almost constantly tired - sometimes worse than others, some days I'll be fairly OK but then crash, some days I'll just feel tired all day. This week has been a bit better, last week I started feeling a bit teary during the day at work but I made sure I got a bit more sleep this week which helped a bit.

But yeah, I admit I probably haven't been getting enough sleep or exercise or anything, but it's not like I've been living off next to no sleep and I used to be able to manage fine like this and now I just don't seem to be able to :-// have I just suddenly aged? I've just had a couple of hours sleep and woke up feeling even worse, I nearly just didn't bother getting up but I thought it'd be a bit lazy to go to bed at 6pm...I haven't been getting much exercise lately but again it's only recently it's affected me this much. I'm just getting a bit sick of it and it's really starting to bug me. From tomorrow I'm really going to try and improve my lifestyle (getting more exercise again, although I'm totally unmotivated but that's probably because I'm not in the habit of it, eating more healthily, not that I eat terribly but I'll try and put that extra bit of effort in) to see if that helps but it still feels kind of excessive.

Meh, I don't know, it's probably completely my fault for not looking after myself properly but I just wanted to have a moan here to hopefully try and avoid moaning at the people who have to put up with me in real life much easier to ignore here...but yeah I need to sort this out. Maybe this should've gone in the zero room? I don't know.

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