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Posted Sun Feb 24th, 2013 8:15pm Post subject: Soupy Twist

Lol, I got The Sims 3, Late Night expansion pack and got a bit carried away - it has grand pianos and cocktail mixing!

I even tweeted Stephen Fry with the video, lol. I love tweeting Stephen Fry - it's like entering a free lottery for which the prize is better than money! Never won yet but I keep trying

(P.S. I now regret that I made Hugh Laurie blonde. I don't know why I did it. It doesn't look right at all. Also, incidentally, as soon as I put the Fry & Laurie Sims on their little lot, the Hugh Laurie Sim went up to the Stephen Fry Sim and exclaimed, 'I don't care what anyone else says - I think you're hot!' )

'Vote for E.L. Wisty, or invisible nudists will come along and smash you round the face.'

(E.L. Wisty)

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