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Posted Thu Jul 14th, 2011 9:28pm Post subject: Stalag Luft

I hope I haven't missed an existing thread about this, lol!

I just wanted to say that I ordered 'Stalag Luft' from Amazon some weeks ago, and it arrived the other day - good Lord! I haven't enjoyed a miniseries so much in years. Ripping good stuff. So funny, and quite chilling in places. Perfectly-scripted comedy-drama-spoofiness, lol, and Stephen Fry's performance was wonderful!

I'm recommend it heartily to anyone who hasn't yet seen it!

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Posted Fri Jul 22nd, 2011 6:41am Post subject: Stalag Luft

Hey!Thanks for recommending it to us.I will definitely watch it.
I am a big fan of Stephen.

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