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Posted Tue Mar 20th, 2012 10:37pm Post subject: Stephen Fry Portrait

I just spotted this, and wanted to share a thought I had a couple years ago while reading Stephen's autobiography.

I actually stopped reading the book, much as I was enjoying it, as I got to a passage about Stephen's intense self hatred and disgust and all the very recognisable feelings that go along with depression and low self esteem.

Since then I've wanted to respond, and not been sure how, by saying that as someone now in my mid thirties, Stephen Fry's name and face and voice are synonymous to me with laughter and wit and intelligence. They are so embedded in my experience of growing up, of culture, that I greet them every time with a very warm feeling.

I have no doubt that many others feel the same, and that a new generation of tweeters and documentary watchers do to. And it saddens me to know that Stephen feels this way, though I understand all to well what it is to feel this way... but I hope he knows how very differently many others feel about him.

I think this portrait is beautiful, and the loveliness that shines out of it clearly represents the (very young, beautiful) artist's feelings for her subject, and mine as well.

I'm hoping Stephen will get to see the picture, if not this post, and I wish him well

xx Jo

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Posted Thu Mar 22nd, 2012 2:14pm Post subject: Stephen Fry Portrait

Oh my goodness it is so very humbling to read that yes indeed, someone as famous and as intelligent as Stephen Fry experiences these awful beyond belief feelings that go hand-in-hand with this terrible illness.

In no way am I glad that he experiences these horrible feelings, no way at all. In fact I felt sad to read this, truth be told. I myself experience the self-loathing he talks about; I find negative comments/rejection very hard to deal with. I think this is perhaps one of the reasons why I have not 'pushed on' with my dream to one day be a successful writer. In other words for me to have my treasured manuscript,which I have worked on painstakingly for such a long period of time, rejected; well I would probably be heartbroken:(

I understand life is all about that; it's not all plain sailing etc. I know that, but it doesn't make it any the easier!!

If Stephen himself reads this, I want him to know that when I look in his eyes, my goodness there is kindness shining from them every inch of the way:) I mean that 100%.:)

"This is me - don't try and change it..."

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