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Posted Fri Mar 9th, 2007 3:16pm Post subject: stephen, how can you read my mind?
I just wanted to say, after seeing much of stephens work and reading his books, my prevailing thought outside of the mans skills an comic genius is how the hell can an illness make a 23 yr old masters graduate working in fashion and beauty marketing, who grew up half in scotland and half in south africa, have exactly the same thoughts and reactions as a middle aged gay man from england?

i havent felt such a connection to someone in a long time - and all i know of him are his ramblings for entertainment

Thankyou stephen, even though i may never realise my dream of meeting you in person - your very indirect presence gives me hope to know that others experience what i do everyday - and also that i might not end up thinking i know the queen.

i take no regular medication for my illness - only ssri in times of total crisis, and also when i had my finals etc

and every day is harder than the last

but people like you make the suffering that much lighter

thankyou for having the courage to speak out - your light is a guide for so many

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