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Maxx England


Posted Mon Apr 27th, 2009 7:02pm Post subject: Stereotyping
Sorry to hear about your neighbours, met a few like that along the way myself. Take care.

The only way is forward. Now where's the bar?

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Posted Mon May 4th, 2009 12:00am Post subject: Stereotyping
They don't really know anthing about it but they hate them just to be consistent.

Scotland is strange in regard to hatred but youve hit the nail on the head. Some people really do hate just to be consistent or sometimes to fit in. It rarely makes sense.

In Scotland there is a protestant celebration wich happens on the 12th of july every year. It involves flute music, parades, sectarian songs of hate and joyous things like that. My family were from that ilk. Strangely enough between the ages of 9 and 12 my best friend was a catholic called Anthony. We played together most days, he'd come to mine for dinner, sometimes I would go to his - it was all a good healthy friendly relationship.

However I was beaten by my grandmother for talking to anthony but only on the 12th of July, she told me that on this day i was only allowed to spit on him.

I remeber reminding her of that day some 20 years later and asking her what it was all about. She said that catholics had to be treated in this way to remind them of how hated they are and for what the did to the reformationists.

I said but all that was so long ago, she said once a catholic always a catholic,...

consistent hate - no logic - no reason - its what everyone else does - ignorant people who live in fear, its all very shameful

that kind of hatred still to this day makes me feel almost physically sick as well as angry as hell.

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