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Posted Thu Jan 24th, 2013 8:16pm Post subject: Strange Trend

First of all, hi, everyone! How's it going? After browsing around the boards for a little bit, I finally convinced myself to join in on the fun. I love message boards, there are just so many interesting and fun people who post on them.

Anyway, back on track. After watching "A Game of Shadows", I had become a fan of Mr. Fry. When I found out he was an author, I decided to check out some of his work.

I went to Barnes and Noble and found "The Liar" on the shelf and bought it. There was only one copy. And is was the only book by Mr. Fry to be found in fiction. I figured that, because that particular shop was in a mall, that's why they only had that one copy of that one book.

Then, as I went to other Barnes and Noble shops, I noticed the same thing: They only had "The Liar" on the shelves and they only kept one copy of it on display. Sure, at the same time, they had multiple copies of The Fry Chronicles on the biography shelves but I was trying to explore Mr. Fry's fictional work.

Have any other American's run into the same trend? I'm not sure if it's just in my particular area or if several bookshops are the same way but I find it curious that a bookshop would only stock one copy of a book by a certain author on the shelves especially if said author has written other works.

Any thoughts? Sorry if it's a silly question.

That is an excellent question-- I don't know.

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