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Posted Fri Aug 24th, 2012 12:43am Post subject: Superbetter

Have any of yall seen SuperBetter? It's or they also have ipad/iphone apps. It's interesting, i could see it having some pros and cons.

It's used for multiple things, from quitting smoking to stress relief to major depression to recovering from a concussion. You can load "powerpacks" to either help with anxiety or mindfulness or being more social. There are "power ups" and "bad guys" and "quests" in each powerpack. You can also make up your own. (for example, I made a powerup for going outside.) Whenever you power up, defeat a bad guy, or finish a quest, the screen explodes in rainbows and plays a little chimey song.

I stumbled across it when I was looking for something to track goals (cos I suck at planning goals... i make wildly ambitious lists some days, and then can't even run the dishes another day...) and found it, but also at the time I had missed my meds for awhile and had a stressful couple of weeks. So i've been using it to both remind me to take my meds and meanwhile going through some of the quests for social connections. I've moved in the past year so that's been a good goal for me.

Anyways, out of curiousity I've checked out some of the other power packs. There's a couple for depression, one for being really low and another for when you get a step better than that. It uses mindfulness techniques and various things that counselors had helped me with in the past (maybe some of it is based on particular counseling therapy?) I don't remember seeing anything specifically for bipolar, but there's some helpful things.

You can also make allies (though i haven't done that yet...) and get status updates from them. however, no one can see what you are doing unless you invite them. And you can also have a "secret headquarters" that even your allies don't see.

Check it out, I'd be interested to know what you think about it.

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