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Posted Wed Jul 22nd, 2009 8:02pm Post subject: Support your local symphony
The recession has really impacted the Arts. Here in the states, they had already been meanly impacted by the Bush Admin - not exactly pro arts though somehow manage black tie affairs..but I digress - by cutting funding to the national arts society/organizations usually helped along by the gov. can imagine how your local symphony is impacted. Most musicians in orchestras are getting pretty big pay cuts and the conductors as well. Most symphonies have websites you can look for and accept donations, of course, to bring the local residents master classical music and modern classical and such.

Even if you do not like classical, and this might seem an odd thing to consider given that, I am sure they would value your support even if it's just attendance to free concerts ( which many city symphonies offer ). Most city symphonies also reach out in educational ways to the local community by encouraging children and young adults with their own quests as musicians, do 'pub concerts' where a few of the symphony musicians go to a local watering hole and play music ( which is a way of getting to know them ), hold casual-at-the-park concerts ( often for free ), offer 'pre-show' attendance where you can see how it's all put together and what they and the staff go through to present a show, and other various things done *outside of* the normal performance schedule. Which, considering their salaries as they are, is evidence of their love of the medium and interacting with audiences.

If the 'big' symphonies, those well know world wide, are having a hard time of can bet your ass your local symphony is :'(

So GO! At least before you're dead you'll be able to say you did X-D

Really? Wow.

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