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Posted Sun Feb 8th, 2009 4:03pm Post subject: Tall man Potts to sue Kodak
Just a bit of silliness

Madcap Joe Potts, 64, from Bromley, Kent, is once again planning to clear his debts by suing a large multinational. This time it is the American based producer of photographic equipment, Eastman Kodak Company, more commonly known in England simply as ‘Kodak’.

Famous for taking Bromley Health Authority to court in the 1980’s to establish his ‘Right in Principle’ to have a hysterectomy, and more recently for taking the British Government to the European High Court to assert his Right to Political Asylum even though he was born and bred in the UK, Potts has once again decided to, in his words, “Stand up for the underdog”.

Talking to our Home Affairs correspondent Sir Arthur Mitchell, Potts claimed,

” All my life I have had to live with injustice. I see it all around and unlike others I can’t just sit back an accept it. I am and have been since the age of 11 an amazing 6ft 3 inches in height. Tall people have to put up with many injustices in our society. For example, seats on planes are always cramped. Retailers fail to sell clothes big enough, forcing us into the humiliating experience of going to the notoriously expensive ‘Pog Shops’, but worst of all is the blatant prejudice of photographic company’s such as Kodak, who have failed to cater for the needs of the larger community by producing film sizes that are far too small for the taller man.”

Showing our reporter various pictures of himself from the neck down, Potts continued,

“We all know that photos come in two main sizes 6 x 4 and 7 x 5 inch. How on earth can you standardize like this? Do Kodak not realise humans come in all shapes and sizes. Should I have to spend an extra £2.50 to get the 10 x 8 size every time I need a picture developed? I am sick to death of photos being ruined by my height. I plan to take legal action later this year “.

He added,

” Before then I need to clarify exactly what Tesco’s mean when they describe a product as, ‘A Meal for One’ ”


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Posted Sun Feb 8th, 2009 9:20pm Post subject: Tall man Potts to sue Kodak
I missed the first line and read into it with disbelief... lol
The concept reminds me of the character Snell (sp?) from Kingdom.
Still, if you can sue a company because you killed your poodle in a microwave oven, and another company becasue you left the wheel whilst driving a mobile home, why wouldn't this be possible...?

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