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Posted Thu Oct 3rd, 2013 5:41pm Post subject: "Tell Me" ...

Is the darkness as dark for you as it is for me?

I suppose a part of me hopes that it is; so you can be feeling as bad as me.

I wonder when you are at your happiest?

Is it when you are on centre stage, with a roaring arena full of over-eager and enthusiastic women singing back at you during another emotional, energising and soul-defying rendition?

Or is it maybe when you are completely alone, on your own - you know, just you and your deepest of deep thoughts?

I find myself wondering if I feature in some of those deepest of deep thoughts. Or perhaps you do not even think about me anymore?

You left me here consumed by pain whilst you continue to bask in your fame.

Whoever mentioned once that love is just a game could be exactly right. For I have yet to see the light.

Yes I am in pain as well you know. You will not see it though. I owe myself at least some dignity.

So my tears will be masked by the falling rain.

Our story was epic. One of a kind but it is mostly sadness that now fills my mind.

You broke your promise. "I'm a man of my word" you would vow.

Who is the new and unsuspecting girl now? I am sure there will be many.

Let me tell you a little something, Mr. Heartbreaker :-

You were no better than me then and you are no better than me now.

Now and again your thoughts need to be released. I've done just that.

"This is me - don't try and change it..."

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