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Posted Fri Sep 25th, 2009 10:52pm Post subject: That excellent wptouch plugin!

I struggled for weeks to make my blog iphone ready. Rewrote stylesheets, worried about @media statements, and on and on. Nothing worked effortlessly. I was so jealous of this blog, because Stephen the Devicer was obviously one of the elect, able to pay expensive web developers thousands to get one of the only blogs I've seen that just works.

Determined to extract the secret, I buckled down to pore over the source code. On the iphone page ... what's this? .../plugins/wptouch?? A quick search as to what wptouch might be . . . and five minutes later I have my own effortlessly working iphone adaptation of my blog!

Stephen, you and/or your web developer(s) are geniuses. That solution is light years ahead of anything else. I know. I've tried the others. Publicize it!

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