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Posted Tue Nov 24th, 2009 5:03pm Post subject: The Dambusters Re-make

I understand Mr Fry is working on the script for a re-make of my favourite film the Dambusters.I would like him, if possible to pass on this observation to the gentlemen responsible for computer graphics,for they have the power of success or failure for this project. You only have to watch Pearl Harbour or more recently 2012 to understand my concern. They seem to want to fill the screen with as much action as possible, with the result a serious film can become a joke. THEY MUST BE TOLD ...LESS IS MORE.The sight of a real Lancaster flying low and slipping through the air is a sight to behold.
Are they really able to show us a single plane flying so we are unable to tell if it is computer generated? I do hope so....

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