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chris cox


Posted Mon Sep 8th, 2008 8:35pm Post subject: The Dog's...cliches
Dear Stephen
I was listening to Fry's English Delight this morning when you discussed the origins of 'the dog's bollocks'. I was feeling rather smug as I thought I knew the answer, but your explanation was totally different. Was I 'sold a pup' a few years ago when I bought the story that when Meccanowas first marketed it came in one of two boxes: the cheap one was called 'Box Standard' which I understood to have been corrupted into 'Bog standard' and the up-market version with all the clever bits was called 'Box De Luxe', which I understood to be corrupted into 'the dog's bollocks'?

While I have your attention I was disappointed a few series of QI ago, when you asked for Gandhi's first name and no one - not even Alan - came up with "Was it Goosey-Goosey?"

Best wishes

Chris Cox

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