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Wilde Woman


Posted Fri Oct 29th, 2010 1:26pm Post subject: The dumbest species

Correct me if I'm wrong but are we not the only species on the planet that has created the concept of money in order to be able to eat? And we claim we're an intelligent species.

Money before food, money before health, money before shelter, money before looking after the environment (you know that natural stuff that sustains all life), money to evaluate status, respect, the value of a person. Let's pay more to people who shuffle money around than to people who save lives and keep the infrastructure of the world running. (Docs, nurses, ambulance crews, firefighters, police, electricians, plumbers, farmers, truck and train drivers, teachers, builders, dustmen and many more... we'd really be f*cked without them in our cosy 'developed' world).

Tough call to find a different system to money though... those in power would never 'buy' into it. I wish I could think up something to replace this nonsense that everyone would go with though. Any genius out there that wants to work on that?

So loving the idea of turning to nuclear power instead of fossil fuels too (not). With a bit of luck the radioactive waste will finish us off. We deserve it to. Not in my life though, just our children's and grand-children's. And we claim to value family and people above all else. Go figure, 'cos I cann't. If we can not clean up carbon waste side effects which is relatively simple what are the chances for nuclear waste. (Sweep it under the carpet and no one will notice eh!)

Comparitively speaking psychotics are generally more logical.

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