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Posted Sun Mar 1st, 2009 1:33pm Post subject: The Holy Fryble
Book of the Big Apple
In which our hero encounters a sinister priest, a rebellious laptop and discovers some exciting new bottom atire

Chapter 1 Verse 1 - Brisk 4 mile walk this morning. I
1:2 - That's weird twitpic won't let me post the "I love" emoticon. Anyhow, it's supposed to read "I Heart NY"
1:3 There's a Norwich City topic alive and well #ncfc "On the ball, City!" is our cry. Unfortunately it's "Off the boil, City" at the moment x
1:4 Joy of supporting a lowly club like #ncfc is that the joy and shock of winning is keener than the sorrow of losing. Chelsea &c expect to win
1:5 For those of you sweet enough to care, my latest podgram is up. From the iTunes store (but free) or on my site x
1:6 Phew! Mistyped the URL at first, refresh your page if it's still wrong.... sorry about that! x
1:7 is in fact a vodgram you may notice. Hope you like. Should work on iTunes, I've checked it - try again @jimtown?
1:8 Hold that thought. You're right. It's not listed on iTunes, but if you *subscribe* it will download. Or try instead x
1:9 iTunes metadata takes some time to get to a searchable state ... x
1:10 If you're finding iTunes d'loads of the new vodgram a bit slow, you could try x
1:11 Number of people asking about Language Blog's podgram version. It's already recorded and will be available. Been busy with OW. Sorry x
1:12 Hm - praps it is "sheer volume of traffic" (as flying eye DJs used to say) that's causing the sluggish d'loads. Sorry: doing what we can x

Chapter 2 Verse 1 Oh no. Some people have been v flattering about my long hair. Just had a haircut. Not too drastic though. Interesting barber. x
2:2 Barber has pix of him cutting Cary Grant & Bill Clinton's hair. Felt unworthy & told him so. "No, no. You make the top 100," he said. LOL x
2:3 Just showered. All ready to go out to one of New York's oldest established French restaurants. Bim goes that diet... x
2:4 Priests are SO sinister, aren't they? One at the table next to me. Brrrr x
2:5 I know what you're all saying, but this priest really IS sinister. Gold-rimmed spectacles. Food is intensely good, BTW x
2:6 Back in my hotel, priest free ... a domani tutti x

Chapter 3 Verse 1 Morning all. Driving up to Connecticut to visit a friend today x
3:2 Back from a charming day in Westport, CT. Do like New England houses. X
3:3 Lots to do today. Must walk downtown to buy a transformer (don't ask) final judging on #oscarwildeday; work on reviews of smartphones. x
3:4 Sheesh! You GUYS! I want a 1600W step-up transformer. Not a car that turns into Skeletor ... x
3:5 Hmph.Walked miles n miles. Transformer far 2 big & hefty to travel with. Dropped that idea. Still. Burned 600 cals acc to iphone pedometer x
3:6 You'll find plenty of twitter clients available for iphone. I like twitterfon, twinkle and tweetie x
3:7 LOL! my last tweet was supposed to be a DM to a friend who is new to twitter. So forgive its peremptory out-of-nowhere nature... x
3:8 Mmmm. Thanks for recommending Hahlo, @steveo_h - I'm rather enjoying it x
3:9 Very impressed by simplicity & speed of web-based for iPhone. Thanks to @343max its author for pointing me to it x

Chapter 4 Verse 1 Finally managed to judge #oscarwildeday entries. Have posted which explains all. Thanks for your patience x
4:2 @travlncarrie - Wonderful! Thanks - makes me happy. Specially as Wilde the movie had its US premiere in San Fran ...
4:3 Or you could point yourself at x

Chapter 5 Verse 1 Mmm - first twitter of the day. So sorry. Been walking about NYC and working on a blog: it's already over 5,000 words. Preposterous x
5:2 Thanks for telling me about the QI award. Just as well I turned down the offer of hosting the show: would've been rather embarrassing x
5:3 This is the only hotel I know where they have a glass butt-plug thing in the bathroom which turns out to be for putting your rings on x
5:4 I mean, what? x
5:5 Though, come to think of it, that's what butt plugs are for. Doh! I'll have to take a pic and show you. Weird thing.
5:6 Well, I shall edge round it warily as I take a shower. Out to dinner tonight. x
5:7 Retweet of @comedy_nerd : "worn out juicer?" LOL x
5:8 Pleasant to see snow flurries swirling down 5th Avenue x

Chapter 6 Verse 1 Today's the day. Norwich v Ipswich. When mighty giants clash, the earth trembles. When Norwich meets Ipswich on the other hand... x
6:2 @NickLambert thanks for Now I shall never know sleep again...
6:3 Eat it, 'swich filth. Hem - sorry. Well played Town, you jolly nearly beat us, but 2-0 to Norwich is how history will record it x
6:4 - Incidentally, further to the subject of priests. Looks a if this church window needs replacing. X

Chapter 7 Verse 1 I hate Vista so much I want to cry. Bought a Vaio. The most useless $4k ever spent. It just will not join a sec-enabled network. HOW????
7:2 The network is there. I press to join it doesn't even ask for a password! It just can't join. How insultingly dreadful can software be?
7:3 I have nine macs!!!!!! I don't need another fucking mac. I just want ONE ARSING PC that isn't complete SHIT
7:4 Too late. It's going out the window. I can't put up with this sort of arse.
7:5 Listemn I have parallels, I have fusion, I have 2 distros of Linux. I need jsut one, just 1 of cunting Vista so that I can review things
7:6 Forgive intemperate language, but every time I buy a PC they're worse, not better than they were before and it make me so angry I could kill
7:7 How can I review certain PC only things if I don't have one? Anyway, I've calmed down now. Vista and PCs are so crap it's funny x
7:8 Still taking deep breaths. Thank you all for your concern. The Vista devil spoke thru me and it wasn't pretty. x
7:9 Blimey - posterous is indeed somewhat overloaded, isn't it?
7:10 Life was easier when it was pre-posterous ....x
7:11 Me and My Vaio

Chapter 8 Verse 1 RIP Biob Spiers -
8:2 seems to be working better now...
8:3 @podsformobs RSS podcast feed problem on the site now sorted, thanks for pointing it out x
8:4 Right. Off for dinner with a cousin. Damn it's cold here four or five below freezing with a whippy wind. Empinkens the cheeks nicely x
8:5 Hello world. Finished giant blog. Will be posted before the world is much older. Mourning Oliver Postgate. Wrote intro for his last book
8:6 Have now heard the Adam and Joe song - thanks to all of you who gleefully pointed me to it. V charming, silly and sweet - just like A&J x
8:7 is the Adam and Joe song x

Chapter 9 Verse 1 Well, I've posted a review of three Smartphones on my site - xx
9:2 @pantograph Thanks for - most excellent x
9:3 Strange: old link not working. Try x
9:4 Grrr: will do it! There it is on the left hand side of the opening page. Don't know why links are being pissy. Sorry x
9:5 Just saw Rufus and Martha Wainwright at Carnegie Hall. Breathtakingly wonderful. In such a Christmas mood now x
9:6 When I saw Rufus in London his final encore was the magnificent Gay Messiah - last night he sang a French carol, unplugged. C Hall in bits x
9:7 Appetising pics of the Nokias N97 x
9:8 Five mile walk this morning. 100 city blocks. Pink cheeked but virtuous. 5th Ave must be the most densely packed urban space in the west x
9:9 I shall be cheering Hugh on for SNL tomorrow, but not participating. Phew! Don't think I could take the strain...x

Chapter 10 Verse 1 - Start of this mornings walk around a Christmassy NYC
10:2 - Enormous and verdurous candy cane greenery in 57th street
10:3 - A ram ...
10:4 - The Flatiron building
10:5 - Bloomingdales department store went charmingly retro
10:6 - Bloomingdales department store went charmingly retro
10:7 - Bloomingdales department store went charmingly retro
10:8 Finally got them posted I think. Twitpic behaving dreadfully at the moment x
10:9 They all seem to be up there...x

Chapter 11 Verse 1 10 minutes before the show goes live. Atmosphere good: amusing warm-up, enthusiastic audience x
11:2 Hugh was brilliant. So proud of him. End of 2008 SNL party started on stage with Kanye West doing some free extra numbers x
11:3 Well, sitting in JFK lounge. Flying to LA this morning. Sharp contrast. But, you know, it's possible to love LA and NYC x
11:4 It's possible to like the Beatles and the Stones. x
11:5 You can love Mozart and Wagner x
11:6 You can like Dickens and Austen x
11:7 You can like iPhones and BlackBerries x
11:8 Carbs and protein x
11:9 Bach and Mahler x
11:10 Coke and Pepsi. (Coke and Ecstasy for that matter ...) x
11:11 But NOT Vista and OS X. Non posso. Unmöglich. x
11:12 Well praps I went a bit far with coke and pepsi. Should've tweeter "you can dislike both coke and pepsi" x
11:13 Yes, according to the Weather Channel, LA's in for some chill. x
11:14 Good lord. I'm 38,000 ft up & tweeting. Internet on American Airlines. Bless my soul. Well, well. Goodness. Tch! Fancy. Who'd a thought? x
11:15 Wonder what the maximum height ever tweeted from might be ...
11:16 Goodbye for now. I'm going to settle back and have a Monkfest. Tony Shaloub da man x
11:17 Mmm. Alright, so I fell asleep during "Mr Monk and the Rapper". We're already over Las Vegas. 59 mins to LAX. x

That would be me.

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Posted Sun Mar 1st, 2009 1:47pm Post subject: The Holy Fryble
This is perfect. I can catch up on past adventures while Stephen is on the seas. I just found Twitter in December, so you have two pages of posts that I had never seen. Should be fun.

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Posted Tue Mar 3rd, 2009 9:40pm Post subject: The Holy Fryble
Book of the glitz of Hollywood and Christmas
In which our hero meets waiters who are actors and actors who pretend to be waiters

Chapter 1 Verse 1 No Mustang at Hertz. Boo. Making do with something called a Solara. Settling into hotel. Got snapped by rat of a paparazzo at airport
1:2 Yes, my fault really. Shouldnt've tweeted from the air...
1:3 American weather gone MAD. Snow in S. Cal and possible in Vegas! Wet in W Hollywood, Went for 4 mile walk in pouring rain. So odd it's fun x
1:4 In the mid-West some places have seen a drop of 52 degrees F in one day!!! x

Chapter 2 Verse 1 Another bitch of a walk. But sunny this am. And had pleasure of breakfasting with Barry Humphries & his wife, staying at the same hotel x
2:2 @Zkatter Mm - soundswonderful. Would love to be one of the 20,000 - thanks. What do I do? x
2:3 Heavy day's shopping. Swapped Solara for a Mustang. Had fine lunch: now looking forward to excellent dinner.Not used to being so sybaritic x
2:4 A little bit tiddly after a good dinner. I know it's heresy to say so, but I do like LA. So there. Nah. x
2:5 Another 5 miles. Shower. Off to Beverly Center for more shopping. Then lunch with a friend up in the hills. Otherwise all is well x

Chapter 3 Verse 1 What ho, all. Sorry I can't tweet anything more interesting than walking and shopping. Bumped into Ioan Gruffudd, who's a complete poppet. x
3:2 A poppet is a good thing, I assure you all ...x
3:3 A cool clear morning. Just the morning for doing some - ta-dha! - walking and shopping. I dear, I AM becoming a bore, aren't I! x
3:4 Saw a mustard yellow Bentley with a solid silver bonnet in Rodeo Drive. Beverly Hills, eh? Bless it. x
3:5 Having dinner with an old friend I was in a film with some years ago. Then going to a show. Will report on this when I've sobered up x
3:6 5.5 mile walk. Off to the cinema to see Milk, about which I hear great things. 1045 am screening. I like watching films in the morning x
3:7 Go you Canaries!!!!!

Chapter 4 Verse 1 Moved out of hotel and am now staying with my friends, who've arrived back from England. Christmas has just about begun. Hurrah x
4:2 @gallina - Oh my. Thank goodness I'm jeeeeyussst out of shot ...x
4:3 Another glorious morning. Only 3.25 miles - but really, really hilly, so I think that counts as a good walk. Brunch and shopping beckon x
4:4 Well, Another podcast up. With love and happy christmas ... though many may have read it as a blog.... x
4:5 Christmas Eve dawns in Hollywood. Fine sunrise, but rain on the way. Bread sauce to make. 5 stockings to fill. King's carols. Noel, Noel!! x

Chapter 5 Verse 1 Christmas has finally dawned in Los Angeles!! Wet & grey, but Crimbo nonetheless. A happy time to all my beloved followers. Especially you x
5:2 @navco786 Oh lor. Harold Pinter gone. Five minutes silence seems appropriate ... poor old bugger x
5:3 Broadband down in the house where I'm staying. Happy Boxing Day all. Gorgeous day in LA. Fell off diet wagon y'day. Fair enough tho, eh? x
5:4 Sun shining. 4 miles walked. Last full day in LA. Flight to NZ tomorrow. Volume and weight of stuff doubled in size. Shopping and prezzies x

Chapter 6 Verse 1 In LAX boarding for Auckland, NZ in an hour or so. Realised I've left my Mac power supply behind! Is there an Apple store in NZ? Any1 know?
6:2 Gosh you're all good! Thanks! In Auckland for an hour then down to Wellington. May get a chance to visit MagnumMac there... x
6:3 Settling down for flight. AirNZ utterly charming. Long flight. Hope I can sleep x

That would be me.

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