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Posted Sun Dec 9th, 2012 11:14pm Post subject: The impact of a supernatural big brother on morals

The first thing to note about the impact of the divine on morality is that it's completely impotent when it comes to choosing which moral decisions are right, and which are wrong. The only advice it offers is recorded in a plethora of readers digest sized stories with consistently conflicting messages. And the only way to extract any guidelines of morality from these is to choose which stories have a literal message - and therefore should be followed - and which ones should be interpreted allegorically (i.e. taken as fun little ditties about genocide and such).

However, presumably you will just pick the ones that you consider to be morally satisfying, proving you already have the capability of navigating the moral minefield yourself and rendering the whole laborious task as redundant in the process.

But wait, maybe the fact that an omnipresent all seeing eye will record your every move throughout your lifetime and pass judgement on whether you should be left alone or tortured for eternity, will force you to behave consistently more inline with your own set of morals. No. I don't think so. For as anyone who has ever tried to develop themselves or change a behaviour knows, it's so much easier to do as expected - or conversely it's a huge advantage when trying to turn over a new leaf if nobody remembered how you were before, or even better, nobody saw it in the first place. The ever watchful eyes of people around us will seduce and coerce us indefatigably into acting just the way we always have.

And if you've ever heard the expression 'in for a penny in for a pound' - most commonly used when breaking a diet - you will know that building artificial levees to contain a behaviour that you have a compulsive inclination towards, will succeed only in postponing the eventual flood until such a time when the pressure is so great that it can no longer be contained and pours out in an uncontrollable frenzy.

Or to put it into the terms of religious morality: denying your homosexuality until the ever mounting pressure finally causes you to sell all of your belongings and embark on a round the world safari of carnivals, gay bars and public toilets…

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Posted Tue Jan 15th, 2013 9:46pm Post subject: The impact of a supernatural big brother on morals

When you consider organised religion and it's influence on societies worldwide, they are based on eternal reward for struggle and obedience on earth. Now, if this was sufficient to satisfy/control the masses, we would have no need of prisons or at the other end of the scale, brothels, casinos, drugs and alcohol. If we take the christian bible, it is littered with ambiguity and double meaning, as you have mentioned. Clearly the work of man and not the word of a deity. Psychology, though not literaly a proven science, can give us much information about strength and weakness in various personalities. How could a controlling personality, pass up the oportunity, to get hundreds to pander to his every need? To further this exploitation, who better than a group of like-minded controllers, to see the possibilities of exploitation, in a large group of devotees?
A great deal of modern day morality, is a result of the Spanish Inquisition and it's determination to expel jews and muslims ("blaming" the Moors for homosexuality).

The blurring of lines that has occurred between religion and morality does nothing to respect or accommodate sexual inclinations which would be seen as outside the prescribed male/female relationships. It is the foistering of man made guilts and fanatical adhesion to traditional mores, that makes any individual or group trying to assert an alternative way of life, such a threat to these "communities".

Today, the European Courts denied three out of four petitions against unfair dismisal charges in Britain. I find it difficult to comprehend the mindset of anyone that brings their religion to the workplace.

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