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Posted Tue Oct 21st, 2008 12:41pm Post subject: The Inventions of Arthur Maudesleydale - Victorian Genius
Ye olde quaint advertisement for your delectation

The Most Sovereign Contraption Introduced for The Comfort of Gentlemen
Arthur Maudsleydale’s
Gonad Balconette

Lubricated with premium eucalyptus paste and extracts of foreign exotica, designed by the esteemed Arthur Maudsleydale for the purpose of providing dignified regional support for noblemen of considerable proportions. Only seven POUNDS, fyve Shillings and Tuppence.

The lubricated balconette’s superior design and tensioned cat-gut webbing grasp the Nethers for added VIGOUR and enhancement for today’s wearers of fashionable restrictive breeches.
Additional FISH glue coating ensures issue concealment for weeks at a tyme.

Approved by APOTHECARIES from the Illustrious Royal Institute of Knob Preservation and Spiritual Gleanings.

The Gonad Balconette for Gentlemanlike frontal elegance.

HUNTING men and courtiers alike enjoy the confidence that only the Arthur Maudsleydale genital accoutrements can offer.

Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy of Derbyshire says, “It would be insupportable to stand up in any other testicular hammock. I am a proud wearer of the balconette, my gonads speak for themselves.”

The Most Sovereign Contraption Introduced to Alleviate The Discomfort of Piles

Arthur Maudsleydale’s

Pile Ointment Adaptor
A Discreet and Portable Pile Ointment Adaptor that can be used Anywhere without Embarrassment. Sturdy British Made Instrument using all the Latest technology that the Industry can Muster.
Made of Electro-plated nickel silver.

This item also includes a Swivel Mirror for even better accuracy

The Most Sovereign Contraption Introduced for The Comfort of Gentlemen and Their Ladies when Partaking of their Pleasures

Arthur Maudsleydale’s

Shy Boy/Shy Girl
Mating Apparatus for the Apprehensive

A description of this device is prohibited under the newly introduced advertising law.
The ‘I am not Amused’ Act of 1852 introduced by Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria upon seeing The Shy Boy/Shy Girl on display at The Great Exhibition of 1851.
Any information can acquired from the Inventor and will be sent to applicants in a plain brown wrapper, No one will know!

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