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Posted Sun Oct 17th, 2010 1:34pm Post subject: The left 50 px or so are cut off.

This applies whether I use IE7 or Firefox. It requires one to type much of the post blind. I can post a pic if you will tell me how.

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Posted Thu Nov 4th, 2010 8:58pm Post subject: The left 50 px or so are cut off.

I'll hijack this thread a bit, although it's similar and probably an effect of the same thing.

When there's a lot to read I zoom the page to see better. And when the content div is wider than the screen, the left side bleeds out - I can scroll to see the right border, but not left. Can't really explain properly.

Well, for example, I zoom here to 200%. Horizontal scrollbar appears and when I scroll to the right I can see the whole sidebar up to the right border. But when I scroll to the left it doesn't go to the left border and I can see only as much as "ical Assistance" out of the "Forum > Technical Assistance". Everything to the left of it bleeds out of the screen. I guess it to be the effect of some sort of size/position/margin setup... So if someone has a smaller screen, for example, or constantly uses zoom, the left side will be invisible.

It's the same in Opera, Chrome... didn't bother to check in other browsers, but probably will be the same if it's a css setup.

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