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Posted Mon Jul 6th, 2009 6:01pm Post subject: the meaning of life by a 16 year old
i beleive religion is an atempt to quash peoples fears about the uncertainty of life and its meaning. the christian faith says if you follow their rules you will go to heaven (heaven being whatever you want it to be) and to dedicate their life to god. having said this i still am drawn to this beleif for once dead if you have no state of conscious thought then you cant have any regret towards putting your faith in religion but if there is an afterlife of some description and you do go to heaven as the religion tells us then.... well then you have spent your life in the correct way and you will be in heaven for your remaining existance.
this was a great worry to me as i am not sure about a god but i am a natural sceptic and although not an aetheist or an agnostic i do agree with some parts of their philosphies on life and i deduced that religion isnt nescaserilly the answer but faith is, just the faith you have a purpose may be enough to get throuhg life without the feelings of despair that aetheists sometimes have in regards to the meaning in their existance because as humans it is hard top accept we are alone and with no purpse and it is a human compunction to create a higher intelligence.

i say then that religion is a fantastic, euphoric and incomparrible state of dillusion that some are lucky to have i dont intend to look for it as i mostly dont want it but sometimes when things are hard to deal with in the grand scheme of things, but i suppose thats life.

\"down with the kids\" is the paramillitary branch of help the aged

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Posted Tue Jul 7th, 2009 8:51pm Post subject: the meaning of life by a 16 year old
Hang on a sec there TP...I'm tripping up on your thought stated here

" ...without the feelings of despair that aetheists sometimes have..."

I'm an atheist and ( wow! ) even have a few friends who are and I can assure you that none of us feel one whit of 'despair'. It's not really a default condition for an atheist.

IF there is 'despair' felt, which IMHO is a bit too strong a word for my own perspective, it is not in relation to atheism but rather the totalitarian rule of religion on the human mind and the consequences of true believers inserting their religious agendas into laws that affect those who do not share their faith, wether they be of a different religion, agnostic, or atheist.

BTW, I respect your right to posess your own opinions and thoughts on any aspect of your life as you see it. I only hope to, possibly, let you know that many of us who do not rely on any kind of faith to navigate through Life are not feeling any despair for it.

Really? Wow.

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Posted Sun Jul 12th, 2009 5:57am Post subject: the meaning of life by a 16 year old
I have to agree with Nitro here on the lack of despair. I recently dropped religion and God from my life and have never felt better. Meeting the impossible standards my former religion required just about drove me to madness.

My purpose in life? That would be whatever I decree. That keeps life exciting and fresh, because I can change that purpose from time to time.

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