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Posted Mon Sep 27th, 2010 9:15am Post subject: The Most Advanced Mb star c3 Das software fit all computers

About one month ago, Mb star c3 Das software does not work with all computers except T30 laptop. And most customers felt confused, it only fit T30 laptop, then they will ask themselves “I do not have T30 laptop, but I want to diagnose W204, W207 and W212 which Mb star C3 fail to do, then I have to pay more to buy a T30 laptop? That has much limitation”.

Good news! uobd2. com now supply Mercedes Benz star c3 Das 2010.07 software open in das for w204 w211 w212. It fits all computers no matter the HDD format is IDE or SATA. What’s more, this new version is very convenient, DAS password for diagnose w204, W211, W212 doesn’t need.

Mercedes Benz star c3 Das 2010.07 software languages available:
Mercedes Benz star c3 Das 2010.07 Das and Xentry software contain 21 languages, they are: Chinese,Croatian,Czech,Danish,Dutch,English,Finish,French,Greek,Hungarian,Italian,Japanese,Korean,Polish,Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Spanish,Swedish,Turkish,US English
You can choose your own language.

Mb star c3 Das 2010.07 fit all computer.
We now supply IDE HDD and SATA HDD for this software. After you pay it, you need to tell us the HDD model of your computer, and then we will decide to send you IDE HDD or SATA HDD. When you get your software, just change the HDD into your computer, this software can install XP System or other systems automatically, the whole steps will finished within only 15 minutes. If your computer doesn’t have a 9PIN interface, this MB star c3 software cannot directly connect your computer, you need to buy transponder card type 1 or 2 (type 2 is a very small card, usually it can't be used) please note that: during installation, you do not stop the power.

3. Besides, this software has Das developer and Xentry developer.

I am a car repair engineer.I want to share my experience of car repair.

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