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Posted Mon May 7th, 2007 11:12pm Post subject: The Norfolk coast - a poem
Hi Stephen;
I am the unoffical Lynn poet - I write about subjects which move me, some time ago I wrote this poem about the Norfolk coast as writen by someone who is a Norfolk man but is far from home, I through in light of some of the coastal scenes shot for Kingdom you might enjoy it;

My thoughts drift back to the Norfolk coast,
A place I know and miss,
The salty breeze across the beach,
Cutting lines in my face as I look out to sea,
The December wind icy and quick,
Fills my lungs with life and makes my head light,
A feeling stronger than drink or drugs could make,
The sky is a collage of shape and colour,
Small blue islands appear and disappear,
Among a sea of white and Grey clouds,
A mirror image of what is beneath,
I use to stand upon the silken dunes,
And watch the barbed waves break upon the beach,
They seem to whisper inside my head ‘Watch me, watch me’,
I would sometimes would leave my body and see myself from the sea,
Standing alone, still and spell bound,
My hands buried deep inside my pockets palms sweating,
Fuelled with the passion that burns inside my heart,
The golden crescent of sand that is my county,
I have been away to long,
My mind stretches too much when I think of home,
I should return, I must return,
The world has many wonders,
Many religions, creeds and politics,
But I am at peace with my maker when alone on my beach in winter,
My troubled mind is like the troubled sea,
I long for the calm, I long for my homeland,
I long for my Norfolk coast.

You can take the man out of Norfolk but you can't take the Norfolk out of the man.

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