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Posted Wed Sep 3rd, 2008 1:03am Post subject: The Ode Less Travelled, Ex.13- Ode to my Officer
[This is my response to Exercise 13 of Fry's 'The Ode Less Travelled'- to write a dramatic monologue a la Browning, explaining posession of cannabis to a police officer. I've substituted cannabis for heroin as its a bit more gruesome. Thoughts welcomed :)]

Allow me to explain myself- I can;
Consider it a pleasure to deny my rights, dear man?
The truth is here, good sir, I'll tell you heart to heart;
Just snuggle, don't snigger: now pause, for where to start.
Please please, hush hush, there will be no prevarication
(Incident'lly, my good fellow, this is no hallucination)
Now, lovely honest officer, gaze deep into my eyes
If only to convince you of my character: no lies
Will emanate from high, firm cheek, or pupils darling blue
(Can you feel but sorrow for their splintered remnant tissue?)
Ah yes, I hear, so tell me- no confusions:
Just one attempt to illustrate the pain of life's illusions?
(I mark your eyes with interest- I sense a mild protrusion.)
I'll inform you of a happening, the scarring of my youth,
When boys were boys and face was all, and money was uncouth,
The smoke would sing in spirals, and dance through every room,
Huddled boy hunched on his bed would whimper in the gloom.
She was dead, I haven't said: oh change that face of sadness!
Consider what it brought to me and flash a grin of gladness!
At any rate, she wasn't great- she never could stop coughing,
Those cankered sleeves! and moistened sheets! packed with her in the coffin.
(Note my arms, the puncture marks, the gentle pining throb;
I would be chortling a-merrily had you not caught me on the job)
Your face is slack and ill content, your skin of palest hue:
I have just the thing to get some colour into you!
Observe my fingers (long and thin, imbued with naked pink)-
Crawling out for contact- now listen sir, don't shrink-
That's it, relax your mind and lean in close,
(Thumps at wrenching race whilst breathing softly slows)
How you gasp, how you sweat- what an arching of the toes!
Don't strain yourself, my darling, but rest in calm repose.

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