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Posted Tue Nov 20th, 2012 7:54am Post subject: The Old Republic Character Class Guide I

What the hell is the difference between a Jedi Knight and Jedi consular? East-Boba Fett a mercenary or a Powertech more? What to do if I want to just be a good healer? Classes and their descriptions of accompaniment in Star Wars: The Old Republic are more than a little opaque for beginners. This is that cheap wow gold this guide is very practical. You can find a description of all the eight classes and 16 subclasses in the game, and be able to quickly learn the role of a class in multiplayer battles or instances, the most important capabilities of this class. We have also included the first companion that you fall on, and this vessel that you get for a cruise through the Galaxy with.We will refer to the roles of tank, healer and DPS in the present guide. For those of you a new MMO, here is a brief description of each: tank: tanks are designed to draw the enemy fire away from the rest of the game. They generally have a lot of defensive bonus and treat moderate to high damage.Damage Per Second: Regarded as DPS, these classes can not take the beating of his enemies that reservoirs can, but when played correctly can deal with crazy amounts of damage.Healer: As you can guess, the healers to restore the health of their allies, and they are generally more fragile and less heavy handgun than the other two classes.

While you choose your class of starting the game at level 10, you will be able to choose an advanced class or specialization of your character. Since you'll spend most of the game playing above this level, this guide focuses on these choices as base classes. We recommend you to think in this way in your buy diablo 3 gold character: choose your general class based on the type of history you want to play, and your subclass based on what you want to capacity. For example, if I want to explore the gravelly subterranean world of the Star Wars universe, I'll take Bounty Hunter, and if I want to build my character as a reservoir of hard to cook unstoppable, I will choose the specialization capabilities.Your PowerTech grow while you play in the game and level. We tried to shirk from specific figures in the review of the capacity for this very reasonable if one happens to forget a number, it is likely if applies to the maximum level of this ability, not what you see when select you a lower level.

The Knights are the rank and file of the Jedi order. They are a little more action-oriented than their diplomatic or consular counterparts. Choose Chevalier Jedi if you want to play with the Force and complete either a tank or DPS role. The spacecraft to measure Defender also allows this interesting class for those who don't want to fly in a ship that looks like it had too many changes.Guardians Han Solo of special style closer to enemies and can take shots like a tank, but they are also able to trigger considerable damage in little time. The ability of the class has suffered will stimulate your maximum health, allowing you to stay in combat more than your allies as the armor is heavy that you wear. If things eventually get out of hand, the power of the Guardian Group exhaustion will slow enemies down and put a little trouble on them.

The Sentinel is fundamentally a Rogue Jedi built to inflict damage as quickly as possible. It has many capabilities that take advantage of its dual lasers, such as Rush sabres blade, causing much damage, or timely attack that increases your power success if you use the form of Lightsaber Ataru. But the ability of the most deadly of Sentinel is actually a combo. Lightsaber overload triggers damage additional combustion on the objectives, while the ruthless zeal heals you for each critical blow you mark with a burning effect. The result is that you can shoot enemies and recover health in the process.

Troopers are members of the most prestigious battle force in the Galaxy, and are the backbone of the special forces of the Republic. They use weapons lourdes and armor lourdes. Despite this, they are not pure reservoirs. Embody a cavalry soldier, if you want to be a hybrid class.Defence DPS is the name of the game for the avant-garde. The class can give much damage, but the Adrenaline Rush ability will boost your health significantly and you keep in the fight. During this time, the static shield ability enhances your chances of scoring a hit.While critical of the Commando is more than capable of taking difficult enemies, this class also has a number of healing skills that can help them gain the upper hand in a tense situation. The time the probe of trauma and Bomb Kolto will heal allies and to keep them in the game. The ability of the Commando to fight enemies from a distance also maintains allies in sight, so that you will be able to see who is the late development of the enemy before their life bar presents to move too quickly.

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