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Posted Sun Dec 2nd, 2012 7:09pm Post subject: The Somme - Fry for Thought?

Hey Ladies/Gentlemen,

Hope all are doing fantastic. I don't mean to tread on anybody's toes here, but my studio 'TopHat Game Studios' are developing a World War One video game for Windows. Which can be visited by the links at the bottom. Growing up as a kid, I was of course an avid fan of Blackadder, who that is British doesn't love the incredibly whit humour from it. My personal favourite line is from Fry himself "Now then, now, now then now, then now, how now, now then".

We are also deducting 5% of the game's total annual earnings to the British Red Cross in support of all the brave people who aid this world in deseperate times.

We would love to hear what Fry's fans think of such a game. We would love to hear a response from Stephen himself and maybe he could play a huge role in it himself!


Thank you!


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Posted Sun Dec 16th, 2012 7:36am Post subject: The Somme - Fry for Thought?

Well, having lost a great uncle at the real Somme, my first reaction was to recoil from the idea of a game about it. He has no known grave, meaning he was blown to bits or just plain lost in the mud.I do my best to see that he is remembered. With his death, a family line of four generations also died out.

But then,I do giggle at things like Hogan's heroes, and it means no disrespect to any of the soldiers lost in WWII.

The donation of funds is a great idea.Good luck, sounds like a big venture.

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