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Posted Tue Nov 18th, 2008 2:42pm Post subject: The "Where On Earth Is Robert?" game
I thought I heard someone ask "Where On Earth Is Robert? "

To find out click the picture below!


1. Only 2.573 guesses per person

2. Do NOT drive and try to make a movie at the same time. Especially in cars with the roof down. Traffic cops can easily see where one of your hands is not. It is poking out above the sunvisor holding a video camera. And this multi-tasking is made specifically difficult in manually operated vehicles. Instead, may I suggest you get a passenger, (any passerby will do), to do the filming. This way the passenger gets to look at the essential buttons and stuff on the camera while you can safely focus on steering the car and doing necessary gearshifts at 80mph or whichever speed suits you.

3. Refer above and/or RTFM

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