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Posted Fri Mar 2nd, 2012 2:10pm Post subject: There's a lot of goodwill on this website.

The fact that I mention it is remarkable in and of itself. I see the sign off sentiments including the word "love" quite often. If all of you troll the internet, as I do occasionally, especially news sites, and other places where commentary isn't always civil, it would seem that we should give special thanks to Stephen for creating something with a gentle, respectful atmosphere. Not that I can't throw a good tantrum once in awhile when the situation warrants, but the overall feeling here is so welcoming.

I am erasing the wrinkle-producing scowl lines on my forehead, and preparing to say something I've not done before in a public forum like this, and here goes......

Love, Nina (didn't hurt at all).

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Posted Wed Apr 25th, 2012 11:44am Post subject: There's a lot of goodwill on this website.

There most certainly is!

I must admit, *looking away rather embarrassed* that my initial visit here was one of an ulterior motive. However, reading some of the posts has made me feel all warm and snuggly. I particularly like 'The Rules', how wonderfully perfect!

I think I may stay a while. Apologies in advance if my intellect doesn't quite keep up with the assembled crowd, but it sure beats the hell out of internet dating.

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