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Posted Thu May 15th, 2008 7:02pm Post subject: Thoughts of a Dry Brain.
Thoughts of a Dry Brain.

[Go now, and never look back. The door is open. Your number has been called.]

'Don't hesitate!' He who hesitates is lost, and anyway you could never waste such opportunity talent potential as yours, it would be criminal.

'Take your birthright!' The path is laid out for you, gilded with love and confirmed with ability. Everyone always envied your thinking perception flair, now, turn it to its rightful purpose.

'Are you afraid! or merely cautious?' You always were a rather nervous, scrawny sort of boy, but that's no handicap to a Brain.

Lift your head fix your eyes correct your hair, and proceed properly onwards.

Shame shall ensue, you know that as well as I do. I speak bluntly, I've never believed in hiding my thoughts. Emotions are clear enough I suspect, and in any case, that's no excuse. What's to stop you? You have the chance of prosperous respectability [and proper rationality.]

Who are you! to
Waste what Providence has granted?
An existence of perfection is laid out for you: how dare you not play the game?

"I'm going to get waxy."

What right does anyone have to fair play?
What right does anyone have to life?

[I for one never made the ultimate choice I for one never elected myself for existence.]

And now that we're here, do we take the path that's laid out for us?
Or do we exert the control that we have?

[I ask too many questions there are only a small numbers of answers in this silly little world and I don't expect many of them to come my way.]

So much easier to be happy than to be fulfilled,
To ignore the pain of being alive for the brief respite of Ignorance.
If there is a solution,
It is Death, rather a shame that suicide appears so distasteful.
My identity is an
Amalgamation of Experience:
How can I be myself?

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