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Posted Thu Aug 8th, 2013 10:37pm Post subject: To Mr. Fry about the letter to David Cameron

Dear Mr. Fry!

Today whole world is discussing Your letter to Prime Minister. It was also echoed in Russia. But much stronger gratitude it received in my heart.

I live in Russia from my birth and I’ve always dreamt of academic carrier It was a dream from my childhood: when I was in the 2nd grade I had taken my friend and classmate to the local library for writting a monograph about dinosaurs:)
Time passed and after school I went to the university. I was graduated with hounors and got enrolled to graduate school. But at this moment I can’t finish my dissertation for one simple reason - I haven’t motivation. The older I get the more I understand the fact that I can’t work for university in my country.
It’s not about hard intellectual and informational burden and not about terrible situation with founding of science in Russia. I just understand: if somebody know about my sexual orientation, I’ll be fired at the same moment and I’ll never receive a job in Russian education. And I can’t have any relationships with a guy or make a gay family.
In other words I’m faced with a choice: on the one hand - scientific and academic carrier, on the other - an endevour to build a family and its future. I know lots of people face with the same but in the Euopean contries no one of them don’t make this choice under preasure of community and goverment and attitude of these people filled with hatred only because people different from themselves.
Sometimes my sitiation seems me desperate and at these moments I don’t belive that I have enough strength to live as a ‘secret gay’ without freedom and any respect in my own country. But I don’t know what can I do to improve the situation? Day by day attitude to LGBT community in Russia gets worse and worse.
But at the momets like today hope ignites in me, hope in positive changes in Russian society. I believe, one day magnanimous and bright people like You are will broke the wall of ignorance and wildness which isolates Russia from whole rational and democratic world.
Thank You for support.
Best regards, R.K.

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