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Posted Wed Dec 16th, 2009 4:44pm Post subject: Messages to To Stephen Fry concerning his inspiring adventures = ]

Stephen, i have always been a big fan = ], and since i was a little girl i have always felt just that little bit American. i have dreamed of living there all my life, i wish i could have lived the American life, gone to school in America, feel what the Americans feel, breathe the same american air. the first time i ever went i was 11, and i was hypnotised by it. The thrill, the excitement, the colour, the enthuiasum for life that i think here in Brittian is stole from most by what i think must be lack of sunshine ^^.
watching your trip and reading about your expeariences only strengthened my love for America, it must have been amazing, all the things you saw. i am so jelous! ^^.
i am actaully planning as we speak my own trip which i am embarking on as soon as i am old enough. i will not visit every state, about 16, i will travel 10 000 miles and spend a year of my life exploring everything, meeting new people, and drawing what i see and playing music everywhere i go ( i am an artist and musician, i sing and play rather alot of instruments, it is my dream to travel america doing what i love and that is what i'll do.
i loved your series, and your book on your adventures in America, and i really understood the way you felt about America. You have really helped to inspire me even more Mr fry!

your young and adventurous friend and fan
Abbbie Louise


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