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Posted Mon Oct 15th, 2007 3:46am Post subject: Torchwood
I really loved that series on TV and my son bought us the whole of series one, so I just finished watching it. My husband likes it too, but not quite as much as I do. Now I'd looked a couple of things about it up on my computer, but not on his... he has a new posh set-up with Vista on. The Vista screen saver shows a lot of changing pictures - always the same ones though....

BUT.....just now, as we were eating lunch two new pictures appeared on the screensaver - both of Torchwood. One was a set phot of the original cast (including Suzie). the other was a Cardiff city-scape.

Where did they come from?? What is going on?? Has anyone else experienced new screensaver pictures suddenly appearing?

PS - I don't think I'm being haunted or anything - except by Micrrosoft, but it really is strange and vaguely threatening. What if it was something from the TV we really hate!

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