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Posted Tue Oct 23rd, 2012 1:08am Post subject: University is better, right?!

I am attending college to get my base courses finished so I can go on to university to take the more interesting classes for my major. It's cheaper this way, since I am paying out of pocket.

Anyway, I need to rant a bit about the complete ineptitude of the college I am attending. I am making excellent grades despite this ineptitude. All, I repeat ALL information that comes from this college is false. I have missed registration, financial aid deadlines, etc all because the staff of this school has no idea what is going on.

Last night I was working on homework for art appreciation followed by a quiz. I took the quiz knowing I would get 95-100% like all of my other quiz's and exams for this class. Nope. 61%. Why? Because the quiz was made up of half of what it should have and half of next units information. Since it was timed, I couldn't even look for the correct answers. I wouldn't have known where to look anyway since it was for a unit we hadn't even done yet. I know it's just a little quiz but I haven't made lower than a 95% on any assignments or quiz/exams in this class and I sure as hell don't deserve this horrible grade.

I just had to let it out. Surely university will be better, right? It's just so hard to take my education seriously when I'm going to a school run by lazy morons.

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Posted Tue Oct 23rd, 2012 1:04pm Post subject: University is better, right?!

I don't know what things are like over there in the motherland, but I share your frustration at educational establishments.
One in particular(from whose clutches I have recently escaped), is enough to strike a toothpick of fear through the cheese and pickled onion souls of Tasmanian adolescents.
This particular authority is not lazy, as such, but just frustratingly bureaucratic and inefficient. They need only authoritise the Grade eleven and twelve students in Tasmania. There are not that many. And yet it seems to be all to much for them. The constant nitpicking (size TWELVE font, not ELEVEN), the rule changing (well, it's a week til exams, you know how we said that annotated textbooks were permitted, fraid not folks!) and the utter ridiculousness of it all (no pets or explosives will be permitted into the examination room).
Anyhow, my deepest and sincerest apologies should you feel I have elbowed in on your rant.
I hope university does, in fact, turn out better for you.
Congratulations on your excellent grades in the face of irritation.

The lady who doth protest too much

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